The MacEgan, Egan, Eagan, Eagen,
Agen, Agin, Agins, and Keegan Families

Finte na hÉireann


Association Charter Australian & New Zealand Chapter

The Clan is a voluntary non-profit international organization, which helps all Egan researchers to collect and share information with each other.

The Chapter collects and archives any and all material provided to it by Egan researchers on behalf of the Clan here and in Ireland. Information gathered may help someone in the Clan in the future; however all personal material managed by it remains confidential to the Clan Association.

The Clan responds to enquiries from members and non-members alike, using its records to identify connections to other families within the membership. It acts as intermediary in establishing initial contact between parties. It also provides advice on sources of information and limited searches of public databases, for members who find it difficult to reach libraries or resource centres.

It does not provide access to primary Irish records - many of these are only available in Ireland on a fee for service basis through the bodies that control them.

How to join the Association

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