The MacEgan, Egan, Eagan, Eagen,
Agen, Agin, Agins, and Keegan Families

Finte na hÉireann


30 June - 8 July 2018

Join your family members – Egans, Eagans, Eagens, Agins and Keegans – all descendants of Aodhagáin for our Clan Egan Rally here in Canada June 30th to July 8th 2018. We’re starting off and ending the rally in our nation's capital, Ottawa, Ontario.  Throughout our travel route you’ll realize that the Irish played an important role in Canada’s history, be it the building of the Rideau Canal or the lumber industry. It wasn’t without great hardship as you’ll find out throughout our travels.  

Hope to see you again at the rally!

Maureen Egan Kirincic and Kevin Egan

Draft itinerary depending on the number of participants (pdf)  

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