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Finte na hÉireann


Canada Clan Gathering
30 June - 8 July 2018

Gathering Itinerary

Finally... the dates for the 2018 Canadian Rally are June 30th - July 8th 2018.

We'll be touring our nations capital, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Grosse Ile and of course Eganville. We've been working with the Irish Society of the Nations Capital (Ottawa), The United Irish Society (Montreal), Irish Heritage Quebec City and the historian from the Bonnechere Museum (Eganville). They've offered us volunteer guides along our travel route. So much to see in such a short time!

A more detailed itinerary will be posted shortly with a list of the hotels that are blocked and the prices. The cost of the coach or coaches will depend on how many people we have.

Maureen and Kevin July 2017



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