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Rally Intentions

To help organise transport and accommodation at the Rally can you please send this form to Kerry and David (send button). One form for your party is OK filling in the numbers where appropriate.

This is not intended as a firm commitment. It is also NOT an accommodation booking which must be completed separately - see Accommodation.

Contact Name:



No of Adults:

No of Children (under 16 years):

Are you staying at the Woolstore Hotel:

How many seats do you need on the Bus/Coach to Port Arthur:

Are you staying at the Fox and Hounds:

How many of your party have some difficulty walking and need transport within Port Arthur:
Do you need tickets for Port Arthur if so how many (Adults & Children):
How many of your party will be attending the Banquet (Adults & Children):
Dietary requirements:

Do you have any other comments or questions?


You just need to push the Send button ONCE - if you see it highlight then the form has been sent.
Unfortunately I don't know how to get it to say Thanks:).


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