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Mac Aodhagáin Katrina Egan

Clan Egan is pleased to announce that Katrina Egan has agreed to be our new Chief, Mac Aodhagáin and Taoiseach. Katrina is the eldest child of Michael J. S. Egan, who passed away on September 9, 2021 and had been our Chief for many years. Her commitment to the Clan has been long, and began with her accompanying her dad  to many of the Rallies back to the very beginning of the Clan.  
Katrina has been based in Switzerland not far from Geneva since 2001. She is the proud mum of two lovely boys ages 19 and 17, one in university and one about to leave the nest, and is divorced.

Katrina graduated with honours from Trinity College Dublin in Mathematics (1992), and is on the Executive Team of a luxury watch company based in Switzerland. She travels extensively with her job in human resources. Like her father, Katrina is interested in walking (and a good chat). She laughs easily and enjoys meeting people from all over the world.
She was at the very first Egan meeting in the 80’s at Redwood Castle with her dad when she was 10'ish! As she recalls, there were only about 30 of us at that Rally, and lots of tea!!

In addition to support in Ireland from her brother Cormac Egan, acting as her deputy and Historian, Katrina will be supported by the other officers of Clan Egan, including Greg and Sue Egan in Australia and by Larry Agin and Byron Egan in the USA.
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