Cyners Formation

These recollections were pieced together from memories in 2000. A consolidated effort may follow. It was a hell of a long time ago.

Peter Woods (Woodsie)

Lester died on the 26 Feb1966. We started planning in the Spring before that at Chris Ryans house after work each night. Involved at that time was myself, Graham, Chris, Billy Hyder, and yourself. Billy Hyder knew Derek and brought him in and the same applied with yourself and Lester. Billy Hyder dropped out, as did Peter Milne and Chris. While Peter Milne was still on the fringes when Lester was killed he was not playing. Peter Milne never played other than in the first few weeks. Chris Ryan was about the same. His correct name was Christopher Phillip Keith Mew. His stepfather was Ray Ryan and Chris took his surname.

John joined us in the winter after Lester died. I left in the summer of 1971. The band played at Peter Holt's 21st in June 1971. Ramsay Hewitt replaced me and played at Peter's birthday and then there was Ian Brown.

In late 1971/72 Greg was living in Melbourne at the YMCA. Graham went into the Army that same year.

The Battle of the Sounds would have had to have been in 1971 after I left.

Based on these things I think you could safely leave out Chris Ryan and Peter Milne and just possibly Lester. Lester never performed with the band that I can recall or include people like Billy Hyder who was involved in the discussions to form the band at the beginning. None of these ever performed with the band. Chris probably had more to do with the band than the others because he took on the role of roadie etc.

Unless there was some discussion about the name Green Sleeves after I left the only name we ever were called was the Cyners. That name was the suggestion of Chris Ryan

Peter 29 February 2000

(Hippy) John Kairn

There is a separate page for John's record of Fans and Friends.

July 68. I Join the CYNERS. Robinvale 1st gig, then at the ‘Rowers’. Coffee at Mary E. restaurant, Choon Goons at the Tung Ah and Dragon Pearl. Drinks and hamburgers at the Buronga roadhouse.

Cyners Story

The Cyners were the most popular band in the Mildura area in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

The members were Derek Pritchard – Lead Guitar, Graham Rogers – Rhythm Guitar, Greg Egan – Bass Guitar, Peter Woods – Drums and later Ian Brown – Drums, John Kairn – Lead Singer.

On stage Derek was the frenetic musical leader, Graham the director, censor and timekeeper. “For Christ’s sake slow down”. Greg was cool, quiet, immobile, laid back with a very dry sense of humour. He was our electronics wiz kid. John had a wildest stage act in the world. Peter was there for the chicks. Brownie was manic depressant and a good drummer. Our repertoire was blues and pop.

After practice we would go to the Mary E Restaurant for cappuccinos and a chat (Ed.often with Don). After gigs we would party.

We were often asked to “tone down” our act and we were banned from running our dance at Merbein (Ed. Town Hall). Once we were to perform on the back of a truck in a local parade. All was well until a large group of our fans stormed the truck to get to us. This was an insult to the truckies’ truck. He drove off across the bridge at high speed, hurtling the girls, our equipment and us around in his wake.

At Robinvale I made a date to meet a chick after the dance only to find that she had been put in jail for throwing a brick through the dance hall window.

The jukebox at the Moebus IXL bar in Langtree Avenue was the source of some repertoire.

At the Ballerina we had just broken into ‘Suspicious Minds’ when a chick ran screaming from the back of the hall and climbed onto the stage and ‘attacked’ Derek.

The Rondells were upset that we were more popular than them.

The local radio station was 3MA. Colin Denovan and Barrie Hanson were popular DJs. A 3MA DJ commented that no local band would be able to do “Hey Jude”. We did very well.

We introduced ‘Fire’ by the light of one single candle.

Sunday afternoon grooves. We had Choon Goons at the Tung Ah. Hamburgers at Buronga.

Tuesday night was practice night at the Aerodrome.

When we weren’t playing on Friday and Saturday nights, we would start out at the “’Tavern’, or the ’International Bar’.

That girl in Swan Hill was too hot.

Incense, beads, bells.

1969 Memories

Cyners play a lot. Avalon, Ballerina, Renmark, St Andrew Hall. We play at the Catholic Social as the ‘Saints’. In May we start our own dances at Merbein but we are closed down in August. In October we play with the Easybeats. Bacardi and Coke at the Tavern, Hamburgers at Buronga. Gas, Fab, Groovy, Grouse.

1970 Memories

Cyners very busy playing at the Ballerina. Brownie joins Cyners. Beatles break up, Creedence Clearwater is big.
To the ‘International bar’. To the roadhouse. July - Cyners win the Battle of the Sounds at the Ballerina. Then play at the Battle of the Sounds in Adelaide.


Apex Park, Avalon. Music, films, coffee, Ballerina dance hall., Ede’s, Euston, Homedale Guesthouse. 120 13th St. Mildura, Irymple, IXL Bar. Langtree Avenue, Langtree Avenue, Merbein Hall, Merbein RSL Hall, Merbein Town Hall, Ozone Picture Theatre, Renmark Mechanics Institute, Robinvale Hall, Rowers - Mildura Rowing Club, Roxy Café. Merbein., St Andrews Presbyterian Church Hall., Swan Hill Town Hall., 7th Street Lawns.

28 Feb 2000

Derek Pritchard

After Greg went to RMIT, Strachanie, Ramsay & I played as a trio for a while until Ramsay went to Adelaide. We then joined up with Ian McDonald (bass) and Terry Iredale (drums) who were from 'Guild' and we formed 'CYLD' - the start and finish of both names.

It was very good music, good fun, Cyld also won the 'Battle' but had to hand the trip to Adelaide to the 2nd place getters, because Macca and Tekks couldn't fit it in with their young families and budgets etc...

Cyld played for about 3 - 4 years. I then retired as shift work in the Ambulance plus the studies tied me up too much.

I hardly touched a guitar or keyboard for 15 years - taking it up again when we took over the Boulevard Motor Inn. (The brain was willing, but the fingers lacked the touch!!!).

3 March 2000

Greg (Einstein) Egan

This is a start on Greg's notes.

Peter, Billy and Chris were I believe all at Mildura West School. We were certainly all Scouts together in the 1st Mildura Group. The name Sinners suggested a certain moral compass although nothing could have been further from the truth. We did, however, a certain rebellious edge or at least liked to think so. Our many fans I am sure felt comfortable with is explaining in part our popularity.

Originally Graham probably would have been lead guitar, Chris Bass and Greg rhythm. Chris had allusions of being the singer as well as there is at least one photo with him out font hamming it up. Initially we just had jam sessions in Chris's car. The unusual spelling of Sinners as Cyners was my idea as there were many bands called Sinners in the USA of in particular - no suprise.

Lester died in a car crash following Peter Milne back to his place in Nicholl's Point. Although I was thrown from the car I only received scratches. After the crash Peter Milne lost contact with us.

I built many of the amplifiers we used and kept them all running. I had pretty much no idea what I was doing when I built the amplifiers but they seemed to work. Graham bought an integrated Moodie from Dobbyn's Music - we were a bit slow on payments. Derek also had a Moodie for most of the time. All of the later tower cabinetry was built (at cost) by Malcolm Keam of the famous "Keam the Builders" family. Malcolm had an idea to join the band playing the congas but nothing came of it as we definitely were not Santana.

The comings and goings were roughly as follows:

25 May 2017

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