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I had hobbies and recreations before becoming Head (1994 - Father's Day 2004) of what was a very large and successful university academic department as independently assessed by others of course:-). Having spent a years sabbatical in pleasant locations I left university life on 30 November 2007 having worked out I would be receiving more on the pension - thank you Peter Costello, Kevin 07 (whoops a bit of bad luck Kev), Julia 10/11 (whoops payback Julia - welcome back Kev albeit briefly), Tony (whoops some bad luck Tony) and Malcolm - don't upset the Grey Vote.

For those vaguely interested there is an archive of some of my university time. My time as a musician and civil engineering draughtsman/engineer are another story.

I have rebuilt some of my former pursuits and others I will, the fates willing.

And reading of course. I was bumped out of the children's section Mildura Carnegie Library into the adult section while in early Primary School; I had read all of the books you see, some a number of times. I would read almost anything with print on it including cereal packets but, early on, a lot of Science Fiction. In another quantum universe I live(d) down the road from my sister at Scarborough in Perth and so do I even read my own books?

These pages are starting to look a little Blogish. Oh well, may as well make notes somewhere while the grey matter permits.

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