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I spent several years as a professional musician playing bass and eventually I was coaxed into doing vocals. The band I played in was called the Cyners: that's Sinners not Signers! We were also known as Greensleeves for more sedate outings such as weddings etc.

The Cyners and Friends 10 August 1969 at Mildura Airport
l-r Derek, Carol, Graham, John, Greg, Peter, Sandra &
John's Car

Mildura 1965-1972
Blues/Rock/Pop Dance Band
Most popular band in Mildura.
Won Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds in 1970.
Derek Pritchard (v,g,k) 1965-
John Kairn (v) 1968-70
Graham Rogers (v,g) 1965-71
Greg Egan (v,b) 1965-
Peter Woods (d) 1965-70
Ian Brown (d) 1970
Ramsay Hewitt (d) 1970-
Kerry Strachan (g) 1971-72
Lester Ede (v,g) 1965-66

Band History

To follow sometime but see John Kairn's page!

My Current Kit

Having stupidly sold all of my original kit around 1972 so that my studies would not be affected. I purchased near replacements in 2006 from Grouse Guitars.

Maton Lute Bass

Maton L101 Lute Bass - approximately 100 built

Playmaster Valve Amp

My Bass amp was a Playmaster 117 60W version with 4 12 speakers in 2 stacks. The chassis was a piece of Brownbuilt steel decking as electronic components were difficult to find in Mildura around 1960 the only supplier being the local car parts shop run by Clem Gear. The replacement amplifier drives an 18" Celeston. I also purchased a Goldentone 60W head at the same time which followed the Playmaster 117 design (July 1967) and which has VERY similar circuitry.

Playmaster 116 40W Valve Amp - Circuit published by Electronics Australia June 1967

Original Band Kit

These are notes in progress. Hardware orientation but I am an engineer and a bass player after all.




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