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20th Clann Gathering
22-26 June 2022
Brisbane Queensland Australia

As we all know by now predicting the future would give even Nostradamus a headache, and he would be smart enough not to bother to try just now. We should, however, remain optimistic and press on. You would be wise to ensure that any travel expenses are fully refundable or covered by insurance. You will need to ensure that you satisfy the prevailing Australian conditions of entry.

To assist with planning please indicate whether you plan to attend the 20th Gathering and if so how many are likely to be in your party. If you are in the USA/Canada please contact Larry Agin and for Aus/NZ Sue Egan

It is currently intended that the Gathering will be held in and around Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Brisbane is a popular tourist destination with easy access to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas of Australia as well as being an important national business and education centre.

Would also like ideas from you, our members, as to what we should focus on in this Rally: are you actually happy for the Rally to be in Brisbane or do you want to suggest an alternative location or locations in Queensland? Do you want research events and visits or do you just want a programme of activities to allow people to meet and chat? Nothing is simple these days. We look forward to receiving your thoughts over the coming weeks.

The Gathering will return to the short form with the 23rd-25th June being the "organised" days and the 22nd June and 26th June being the arrival and departure days respectively. This should allow ample time for travel either before or after the Rally. The Banquet is likely to be on the 25th June preceded by Chapter Meetings.

Daily high temperatures in July average about 22 degrees Celsius or 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Brisbane is about 900 KM (or 570 miles) north of Sydney.

Australia is vast, roughly the same size as continental USA and there are many places one can visit including those in Queensland.

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