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Not completed but OK for first flight 24 October 2008 at Yarra Glen

Initial Notes 21 October 2008

For those that come including some hints from the Thread:

First Flight 23 October

First flight today.

Grass was too long to do an ROG (disappointing) so a colleague hand launched for me. About 2-3mm of Aileron mixed to Throttle to correct for torque with no manual roll correction required on launch. No issues at all really except for the known pitch up which I will cure with a combination of packing on the motor and a little elevator mixed with throttle. No motor vibration at all.

A pussycat to fly with no suggestion of tip stall or other nasties. Decalage may be a little large as a reasonable amount of elevator was required even on fast glide passes out of a shallow dive.

Holds altitude happily at about 30% throttle, less than predicted, and glides forever with folder prop. I have spoilerons but did not use them for this first flight and so landed long. Comments by club members were "It's really quiet" when on low passes with motor off! The Club is currently predominantly fuel powered aircraft.

Battery consumption also seems to be roughly as predicted with 2x2000mAH packs hard up against the firewall to get to the CG at 75mm. Elevator right on neutral for trimmed glide.

Fuse film got pretty wrinkled and that's just our Spring Sun.

All up weight is 1.36Kg.


Finishing Touches 28 October 2008

Correct propellor hub arrived and fitted. Initially packed motor out with washers to get a little down thrust but hub looked ugly against motor cover so used Throttle mixed to Elevator. Also fitted screw top lids on under side of wing for easier hand-launches.

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