Computer Architecture

Marklar 8xPS3 cluster - My Office September 2007

My research interests in computer architecture date back some 30 years. A particular area of interest is dataflow or data-driven computation.

The advent of large FPGAs from Xilinx and Altera amongst others opens up the opportunity with my students to revisit some of this research along with application specific architectures generally. There are a growing number of C level tools which are supplanting VHDL and other hardware description languages. We currently use HandelC and SystemC from Celoxica.

Our Marklar PS3 cluster was assembled in anticipation of developments with next generation CELLs. FPGA work is supported by Celoxica RCHTX equipment. We used the University of Tennessee Knox document to construct the cluster, as have others. Marlar's first use is in support of our work on electron repulsion integrals.

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